Ask Aphrodite

Aphrodite/Venus is the Goddess of Love, Money and Pleasure—of all that we desire—abundance, ease, joy, and happiness. As your inner Shakti, Venus represents your power to magnetize and realize the true dreams of your soul. As your inspired muse and artist, she delights in answering questions on relationship, creative inspiration, reigniting passion or attracting prosperity –anything that makes your toes curl and your heart swoon.

Ritual candles

Come to silence. Enjoy this sacred time of asking for illumination and guidance. Become aware of your breathing. When your breath is relaxed and rhythmic, tune into the space of your heart. Let your heart meet your breath—whatever that means to you. In this intimate space, find the pleasure of not-knowing, of having this as yet unanswered question. When you feel ready to put it into words, compose your question in the space below: