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Ask Flora

Dear Flora, Last year I was able to keep the best self-discipline of my life—my diet, exercise and spiritual practice were an infallible center. And the reward was a wellspring of creative ideas. This year, I’d like to bring these ideas to completion. But I recognize that I also need more playtime. All that positive self-discipline began to feel like just a spinning hamster wheel.  My goals this year are to be more productive, but also to work more from heart and a sense of play. I’m looking for the blend of flowers that would support this mission!  Thanks, Amy

Hello, Amy! Do you like the color red? There was not a moment’s hesitation from the two red flowers that showed up for you, and I always find it dynamic when a color theme becomes apparent as the flowers present themselves.

When you think of red flower essences, think “energizing!”

Identifying polarities is the first step in finding the most resonant flower essences, and you defined yours succinctly and clearly as follows:

Positive quality: The “reward” of your disciplined efforts was a “wellspring of creative ideas.”
Pattern of imbalance: All your positive “self-discipline” began to feel like just a “spinning hamster wheel.”

With equal clarity, you stated your goals, which serve as guideposts for choosing appropriate and harmonious flower essences:

My goals this year: To be “more productive,” but also to “work more from the heart” and a sense of “play.”

When you have a moment to pause—quiet yourself, turn your focus inward and, while remaining aware of the feeling of the “spinning hamster wheel” you described, listen for your response to the following questions:

Have you been experiencing a lack of inspiration, or a “dry” spell?

Have you felt fatigue or exhaustion?

Have you been less grounded?

Have you experienced an inability to bring your creative inspirations into physical form?

Have you felt a sense of frustration?

If you answered a resounding “yes” to one or more of the questions, consider receiving the beautiful Indian Paintbrush flower essence. This essence is indicated when there is an imbalance in one’s relationship between their inspiration and their will or, put another way, their creative source and their metabolic centers. This essence will assist you with your goal of being more productive—through the harmonizing of your spiritual center with your will center—through the harmonizing of your creative center with your physical world. In this way, you will also be honoring your intention to “work more from the heart.”

Let’s not forget that “sense of play” you are inviting! Zinnia is the second flower essence that presented for you, and is indicated for those seeking more light-heartedness, playfulness, humor, connection with the joyful inner child. If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, you can rest assured, Zinnia is a match for you!

Have you felt overly serious or overly dutiful?

Is your inner child feeling repressed?

Have you experiencing a sense of dullness or heaviness?

Have you felt devitalized or overly intellectual?

Have you been lacking in spontaneity or joy?

The combination of Indian Paintbrush and Zinnia is delightfully harmonious. You may have noticed there are a couple of overlapping themes being addressed with these essences—dullness/dryness and devitalization/fatigue. In their own ways, they also both address engaging the heart as well.

Amy, should you decide to enter relationship with this vibrant pair, I have no doubt your creative goals will be energized, with joy, and with heart.   Do keep me posted, and thank you for reaching through to Ask Flora! Warmly, Jane




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