Ask Flora

Ask Flora

Dear Flora, What I am I best suited to do in my career that will fulfill me in all ways? The doors to the past seem closed.  I can’t see clearly and don’t know how to proceed.  I wish I could find the right path, seize the opportunity, and secure a job.  I am willing to study and continue educational development. Thank you, Geraldine

Warmest greetings, Geraldine, Recognizing “the doors to the past seem (or ‘are’) closed” means you are already on track for beginning anew.  You now have the benefit of a blank slate, and an opportunity to invest yourself in the present rather than attempting to return to the past when it is already history!

When you say you’d like a “career that will fulfill you in all ways,” I imagine what you mean by that is that you’d like to align yourself with work that gives your life meaning and purpose.  If so, then this is the perfect time for you to receive the support of Wild Oat flower essence which is indicated for those who are experiencing a lack of clarity, commitment, or focus with regard to their life direction and work.  Wild Oat aids in deepening one’s relationship with their life purpose and with work that is in alignment with their inner calling.  As you deepen into relationship with Wild Oat, notice what your life experiences bring your way, and how those experiences may be pointing your way forward.

You added, “I can’t see clearly, and don’t know how to proceed.  I wish I could find the right path, seize the opportunity, and secure a job.”  Although it can feel very unsettling, it is okay, Geraldine, if you are currently not able to see clearly.  See this lack of clarity as an invitation to try something new.  Try this–try relaxing into the blur.  I know, it may sound odd, but if you are willing, give it a try.  This means allowing yourself to be okay with not seeing clearly for now, and trusting that clarity will come, and with absolute perfect timing.  You also don’t have to know how to proceed, nor do you need to find the right path.  Instead, practice letting go of the need to “know” and to find the “right path.”  Remind yourself you are already on “your” path, and that is the best and only path for you!  This is simply a time in-between two chapters.  One has ended, and the new one is still forming.  This is a time of questioning, of listening, and of exploration.  Give yourself permission to be in this in-between time with curiosity.  Consider “living with” the following questions and seeing what life presents in response to your inquiring within:

What inspires you?

What awakens your heart? 

What brings you joy? 

What feels playful? 

If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do? 

What enables you to serve others in a way the gives your own life meaning and purpose?

Giving yourself permission to experiment with multiple ideas will allow you the breathing room for recognizing your next steps, including the possibility of studying and continuing your educational development.

Be sure to give your relationship with Wild Oat ample time to facilitate a shift.  If you are willing to commit to four full months of receiving this essence, I trust you will feel a new direction beginning to form.  Given the proper space and time, and through focused and committed creative exploration, you will find a career with meaning and purpose, Geraldine.  How fulfilling that will be for you, and for those you will be serving through your new vocation!

Blessing to you during this essential “in-between” time!

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Download Jane's free Flower Essence eBook here. Jane’s professional relationship with Flower Essences began in 2003 through her completion of the Practitioner Training program with the Flower Essence Society (FES), and continued through six years of serving clients to becoming a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner in 2009. She was invited by one of the co-founders of FES, Patricia Kaminski, to be a guest presenter at the Advanced Practitioner Training and after years of collaborative relationship with FES, was invited to formulate and name two hospice formulas for the FES line of pre-made formulas. Through five years of community service and pilot studies, the Peace-full formula and the Compassionate Care-Giver formula were created. Jane’s ongoing Flower Essence practice is further enhanced by her background in Intuitive Readings, Hakomi Integrative Somatics for trauma recovery, Non-Violent Communication, Mediation, Polarity Therapy. You may contact Jane through her website.