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Ask Flora

Goddess Flora, my husband and I are in a state of transition, between severing an old life and starting anew. We are happy, excited and committed to progressing, but have an anchor that prevents us from fully moving forward. I sometimes feel as if a spell has been cast on the selling of our home, preventing the right person from finding it and buying it, and allowing the cycle to continue to flow. Please help me to know that our new season of change will be able to be fulfilled. Thank you, Yellowbird.

Dear Yellowbird–what a lovely name you have!

“Starting anew”—picture a seed breaking open within the Earth just as all the necessary conditions come together—moisture, temperature, sunshine, and so on. Did you know the first shoot emerging from the seed moves downward, not upward? Its innate wisdom knows to first “anchor” this new life so that it can then support the next movement, which will be to send a shoot upward to break new ground. This dance continues with each step of the growth process. The lower shoot spreads out rootlets in the Earth for nourishment followed by the upper shoot developing and spreading its first set of leaves to reach for the nourishment of the light, and so on. This lovely example offers you a visual understanding of the rhythm—the dance—you are being invited to practice as you anchor your intentions in the fertile soil of faith and trust in the process, honoring the natural impulse for each next step or movement.

My “flower essence radar” has a few recommendations for you and your husband to consider as well.

The flower essence clearly indicated for your “state of transition; severing an old life and starting anew; and season of change” is Walnut. This broadly applied essence assists us during all times of transition including birth, death, career changes, ending or beginning relationships (relationships with people, places, things, patterns, habits, or beliefs).

You mentioned you “have an anchor that prevents you from fully moving forward” and thata spell has been cast on the selling of your home.” If you are inspired, invite your husband to join you in quieting yourselves during the energy of this potent New Moon, slowing your pace enough to experience the movement occurring deep within—that organic movement born of wisdom, right timing, and infinite trust. Walnut is also a “letting go” essence. Call upon it to assist you in scanning your inner life to make sure you and your husband have let go of ties to your past and any attachments you have (conscious or unconscious) that may be preventing you from releasing your home. New Moons signal new beginnings. On this New Moon, enter relationship with Walnut flower essence, and see what tomorrow brings!

Add Impatiens flower essence and Rock Water essence to Walnut to address your stated desire/intention of “allowing the cycle to continue to flow” and to “help your season of change be fulfilled.” Impatiens flower essence addresses the urge to force the timing and unfolding of things, and encourages us, instead, to be in the here and now—in the moment—and in this way, we are able to respond to what life is presenting.

Rock Water essence is one of my absolute favorites and can be viewed as a “toner” in any combination of essences with its greatest gift being to teach us to go with the flow, to be fluid and flexible, and to be yielding and receptive.

Yellowbird, this is, indeed, an exciting time for you and your husband. Receive the support of this trio of blessed essences, and be the “seed,” allowing your innate wisdom to guide each movement—down, then up, then further down and outward followed by further up and outward, and so on. You know the way!

Joyful blessings on your new life, and remember to clear the old to make way for the new! Warmly, Jane


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