Ask Luna

Ask Luna

Dear Luna, I have a deep feeling to be of service to fellow humans, animals and the nature at large. I love writing, painting, give healing, tarot readings, recycling etc… But, my question for how I best can be of service/support, what specific ways I best can do good, as well as feel good myself – is eluding me. If you please could shine some moon-magic-light on my true soul-purpose in this life I would be very much grateful! Thank you, Yvonne

Dear Yvonne, No wonder you have such a desire to be of service – you have five planets in the sixth house of work, service and health! And, of course, you are a nurturing Cancer with your Moon in sociable, helpful Aquarius. Mercury and the Ascendant in Gemini make you a writer and communicator – but you can also spread yourself too thin since you have so many talents and interests. I’d say, pick your favorite two things that bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction (perhaps writing and healing) and think about ways you could combine them (i.e. start a blog for women about some aspect of healing).

Transiting Saturn is opposing your Ascendant this year, encouraging you to cut away the chaff and get serious about what’s most important to you, and perhaps to bring in a partner or an established organization to help further your aims. Also, Jupiter in Virgo is intensifying your sixth house planets, so this is a good year to step out with your work. At the upcoming Feb. 8 New Moon, light a white candle in your Helpful People area (to the right as you enter) and ask your guides and angels to bring you focus. If there is particular help you need, such as coaching, give thanks that the perfect person is arriving now. Many blessings to you! Luna (Simone Butler)

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