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Ask Luna

Dear Luna, For the past seven or so years I have grown to really have a problem with organized religion, especially Christianity. It all seems like a bunch of fear-based BS used to control people who don’t have a mind of their own. And no matter how hard I try I just do NOT understand how a guy dying on a cross somehow saves my soul or takes away my sins!?! My family attended a Christian church while I was growing up but nothing much sank in…except for the “fear of god” stuff. Six years ago I married a man who calls himself a “follower of the teaching of Jesus because the word ‘Christian’ has too many negative connotations.” I would love to know the “astrological reason” behind my anger toward religion and any guidance about how to handle it. It has created a huge rift in my relationship and a constant gnawing within me! I know it’s a huge deal for me and no accident that I married this man. I just don’t know how best to deal with it. I commit to showing kindness to someone who needs it AND working on forgiving my husband who I feel HAS wronged me in recent conversations. Thanks so much, Kimmie

Dear Kimmie, As I suspected, your chart shows many past lives as a priestess and healer. And, you were persecuted for this during the times when Christianity took over and stamped out worship of the Goddess. So that explains your innate fury at these teachings. With Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra (justice) in the 9th house of higher teachings, you are meant to become a voice for the Goddess once more. And, with Moon, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo in the 8th house of sexuality, to reclaim your sexual priestess power however you see fit. You also have Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, the signature of a powerful priestess. There is much beauty in the teachings of Jesus, though the Bible was heavily edited in the 6th Century AD to omit his marriage to priestess Mary Magdalen and brand her as a harlot. Read the Magdalen Manuscript to find out what their relationship was really like. And, start communing with the Moon especially when she is full, to forgive the past and reclaim your deepest priestess powers. Many blessings, Luna (Simone Butler)

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