Ask Luna

Luna, the Great Mother, invites you to enter the soft places of your heart. She hears your fears and longings, and whispers her wisdom through your intuition and nightly dreams. High Priestess of hearth and home, she connects you to your ancestral lineage, and helps you shape your living space to reflect who you truly are. Ask Luna for her insights on dream interpretation, life direction, family issues and emotional fulfillment.

Ritual candles

Come to silence. Enjoy this sacred time of asking for illumination and guidance. Become aware of your breathing. When your breath is relaxed and rhythmic, tune into the space of your heart. Let your heart meet your breath—whatever that means to you. In this intimate space, find the pleasure of not-knowing, of having this as yet unanswered question. When you feel ready to put it into words, compose your question in the space below: