Ask the Goddesses

Ask the Goddesses

Goddesses are known by many names and forms—and all are eager to help us. Yet spiritual etiquette requires that we ask them first. This is easy enough to do, for gods and goddesses are as close as breath and always listening. But especially on bad days—when we need help the most—we often forget. That’s why Mooncircles offers this ritual space as encouragement and support for making this connection. Whenever you need, you can select one of our three goddesses, compose your question, commit to an offering, review it later (we’ll send you an email), and put it in a safe place while you wait for guidance. Click the appropriate button to the right to start your asking.

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Goddesses often send their messages by putting wise advice in another’s mouth. Mooncircles offers this service too. You can also ask our human goddesses—Simone Butler, Jessica Shepherd, and Jane Ellen—for their insights. When you enter the “Ask the Goddess” ritual you have the choice to submit your question to one of our Faculty; if your question is selected, it will be answered here.

Ask Aphrodite

Dear Aphrodite, I love a guy very much; he knows my feelings for him, but he just keeps saying “I like you” and “I don't want to lose you.” His changeable attitude towards me confuses me; he always calls me if he needs advice or help, or someone to understand him, but he has a girlfriend. I don't understand what to do. The times we spend together are some of the happiest moments in my life. Maya

Dear Maya, Oh, dear. We all have fallen into this unfortunate rabbit hole from time to time (can I get a hear, hear?!). Unreciprocated love has got to be one of the cruelest love lessons we grow through as humans. I think what makes it infinitely more cruel than it has to be is that we tend to think they don’t love us because there is something inherently wrong with us. This isn’t the case! But our psyche just goes there, maybe at first out of boredom, or simply trying to understand the unfathomable, but if we let that subconscious thought linger too long it communicates something deeper about our (low) self-esteem.

I don’t know if this is something that is keeping you hooked and hanging around a relationship that’s clearly not going anywhere, but it’s a wormy little thing lurking in many a woman’s mind and heart, a fear that because this one person doesn’t love you, others probably won’t, either. I want to tell you: That’s such baloney. One of my favorite phrases about this phase of relationship, dating, I lifted from a marketing/sales guy: “It’s not about rejection, it’s about selection.” Because, really, who can control who they fall in love with, or who they don’t (think about it a moment: Have you ever been able to simply choose who you fall in love with? If you haven't, why do you think he should be able to do that?)?

I suspect that if you weren’t caught in this misunderstanding you’d already have moved on from this guy, because deep down we all know that it is far more juicy to be loved in the way we want to be loved - or be in hot pursuit of the promise of that all-encompassing, mutual love - than hanging around someone who can only offer crumbs of affection. Put this mantra on your mirror, right after you say goodbye to Mr. Crumbs: “I want to be with someone who feels as deliciously wild and crazy about me as I do about him.” If you still need a compelling (astrological) reason to do so: Because, you have Venus in Libra, and for you, love must be a give and take, a two-way street. When you find someone who truly deserves to be placed so high on your pedestal, you'll know it -- they will do the same for you.

Jessica Shepherd | Astrologer & Author | Health Coach

About Jessica Shepherd

Jessica Shepherd is a writer, astrologer and health coach who has studied and practiced modern astrology since 1992. She is the author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life (Llewellyn, 2010) and the books Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology
(Llewellyn, 2015) and Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates: The Astrology of the Fifth House (Moonkissd, 2014). She has written for print and online publications (,, WellBeing Magazine AU, Llewellyn's Moon Signs Book) and publishes an astrology blog called Moonkissd. With a private astrology practice, Jessica lives and works from a funky pink cottage in Fairfax, CA with her husband, three step-daughters and five four three two one chicken.