Ask Luna-June 20, 2016

Dear Luna, For the past seven or so years I have grown to really have a problem with organized religion, especially Christianity. It all seems like a bunch of fear-based BS used to control people who don’t have a mind of their own. And no matter how hard I try I just do NOT understand how a guy dying on a cross somehow saves my soul or takes away my sins!?! My family attended a Christian church while I was growing up but nothing much sank in…except for the “fear of god” stuff. Six years ago I married a man who calls himself a “follower of the teaching of Jesus because the word ‘Christian’ has too many negative connotations.” I would love to know the “astrological reason” behind my anger toward religion and any guidance about how to handle it. It has created a huge rift in my relationship and a constant gnawing within me! I know it’s a huge deal for me and no accident that I married this man. I just don’t know how best to deal with it. I commit to showing kindness to someone who needs it AND working on forgiving my husband who I feel HAS wronged me in recent conversations. Thanks so much, Kimmie

Dear Kimmie, As I suspected, your chart shows many past lives as a priestess and healer. And, you were persecuted for this during the times when Christianity took over and stamped out worship of the Goddess. So that explains your innate fury at these teachings. With Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra (justice) in the 9th house of higher teachings, you are meant to become a voice for the Goddess once more. And, with Moon, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo in the 8th house of sexuality, to reclaim your sexual priestess power however you see fit. You also have Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, the signature of a powerful priestess. There is much beauty in the teachings of Jesus, though the Bible was heavily edited in the 6th Century AD to omit his marriage to priestess Mary Magdalen and brand her as a harlot. Read the Magdalen Manuscript to find out what their relationship was really like. And, start communing with the Moon especially when she is full, to forgive the past and reclaim your deepest priestess powers. Many blessings, Luna (Simone Butler)

Ask Luna-May 6, 2016

Dear Luna, At 58 yrs of age, is it too late to learn how not to worry about things that are not in my control, i.e daily news events and things? Are you able to offer me guidance in how to achieve this? Thank you, Robert

Dear Robert, It’s natural that you’d be questioning matters of faith at this time, with your Saturn return in Sagittarius coloring this entire year.  In fact, finding a sense of faith in life despite appearances is your major work in this lifetime. So no it’s certainly not too late to learn not to worry about things you can’t control, but it will require doing some soul-searching on what you believe.  You must be a spiritual person or you wouldn’t be visiting this website. So, commit to the spiritual principles that you know to be true and realize that life is what you make it. Rev. Michael Beckwith says that watching the news is only good for identifying our “prayer requests” for the day. So, why not begin praying for the people and situations that trouble you? Science of Mind’s spiritual mind treatment is a particularly effective form of prayer (google it).  Say an affirmative prayer every time you start to worry. And if you choose to keep watching the news, please don’t do so at night just before bed, when negative stuff can disturb your sleep. Many blessings to you, Luna (Simone Butler)

March 23, 2016-Ask Luna

Dear Luna, Please enlighten me on my life’s direction. I have taught in the past but now feel I am blocked by where I live. I have put out postings to teach in a group setting, but maybe I need a new avenue.

Dear Esther, It’s no wonder you’re longing for a new direction—restless Uranus is activating your Mars in Aries, your career point and your Moon through early next year. It’s time to take a risk, and that likely involves moving. With natal Uranus and Pluto conjunct in your second house of money, you came here to shake up the status quo and earn money doing it. You do have excellent communication and financial skills, with Mercury, Sun and Jupiter conjunct in your tenth house of career. You’d make a terrific spokesperson for a cause you believe in, likely involving the Earth. Perhaps it’s time to join up with a non-profit (you’d be great at fund-raising), and put your very public-oriented chart to good use broadcasting a message.

You’ll always be a teacher – just brainstorm ways you can expand that role to benefit more people. Uranus wants action, though the next three months (April thru June) is best spent figuring out options, preparing, researching and perhaps visiting places you might want to live (action planet Mars will be retrograde). You’ll know when you’ve hit on the right place or project – it’ll make your whole body sing! Best of luck to you, Luna (Simone Butler)

Ask Luna-February 8, 2016

Dear Luna, I have a deep feeling to be of service to fellow humans, animals and the nature at large. I love writing, painting, give healing, tarot readings, recycling etc… But, my question for how I best can be of service/support, what specific ways I best can do good, as well as feel good myself – is eluding me. If you please could shine some moon-magic-light on my true soul-purpose in this life I would be very much grateful! Thank you, Yvonne

Dear Yvonne, No wonder you have such a desire to be of service – you have five planets in the sixth house of work, service and health! And, of course, you are a nurturing Cancer with your Moon in sociable, helpful Aquarius. Mercury and the Ascendant in Gemini make you a writer and communicator – but you can also spread yourself too thin since you have so many talents and interests. I’d say, pick your favorite two things that bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction (perhaps writing and healing) and think about ways you could combine them (i.e. start a blog for women about some aspect of healing).

Transiting Saturn is opposing your Ascendant this year, encouraging you to cut away the chaff and get serious about what’s most important to you, and perhaps to bring in a partner or an established organization to help further your aims. Also, Jupiter in Virgo is intensifying your sixth house planets, so this is a good year to step out with your work. At the upcoming Feb. 8 New Moon, light a white candle in your Helpful People area (to the right as you enter) and ask your guides and angels to bring you focus. If there is particular help you need, such as coaching, give thanks that the perfect person is arriving now. Many blessings to you! Luna (Simone Butler)

Ask Luna -December 25, 2015

My health is stopping me getting the fulfillment out of life I need. I have asked for help from my doctor.  This has been frustrating. Three referrals failed to get processed alone for me via the N.H.S.this year. I am still waiting. I have been deserted by my son’s father. He first left 8 years ago (Venus retrograde influence ). And comes back often but no commitment. I have been too unwell to not accept his love and support. I am also extremely isolated. I have been ill since 1998. Before this I was super woman. Ambitious hard working. And a devoted mother. I got M.E.  I am amazingly strong as I have gone through so much crap all alone and am still doing so. I haven’t ventured far over the years And I feel I need to get away. Maybe a cruise. My question is will I get the fulfillment I am craving? Is there light up ahead? My positivity is starting to be compromised.  Yours, Uma

Dear Uma, With Mercury conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, you have always prided yourself on being tough and able to make it on your own. However, this is an old pattern that your soul is determined to break – and often, the only way the soul can get through to us is through physical breakdowns. Your North Node in Cancer demands that you take care of yourself, physically and emotionally, as your number one priority in life.

With Venus conjunct the Moon in Pisces in your 7th house of other people, you are unbelievably kind, loving and forgiving – hence your support for charities and devotion to your children. However, this aspect also shows your willingness to keep letting your ex back into your life even though he’s not giving you what you really need. So yes, you’re receiving his support – but at what cost?

While transiting Saturn squared your Venus-Moon (most of 2015), you learned some hard lessons about setting boundaries and saying No. In 2016, Saturn will trine your 9th house Jupiter all year – so you definitely need to get away! A cruise would be great, or extended travel in foreign countries if you’re up to it. Learning a new language or otherwise studying fascinating new subjects will also help to give you a new lease on life. Broaden your horizons and have some fun – this is your time! Many blessings, Luna (Simone Butler)

Ask Luna–November 11, 2015

Dear Luna, Is magic real? Since a child and now people all around me think i m crazy cuz i’m in love with the moon. A night without a moon seems really unhappy to me and until i see the moon i feel very down……..and nowadays i feel like if there was no moon i can’t live. I am soo much attracted to the moon since i was a baby; the first word i said is not mom or dad but “moon,” my parents told me……and as i child i wanted to be a witch that can use her spells to heal the world but now too i still have that desire in my heart…Divya

Dearest Divya, Ah, how I love your question! And I think you already know the answer. Yes, of course magic is real! The realm of the invisible is as real as what we can see with our eyes – perhaps more so. How fascinating that you have such a close relationship to Luna! Be sure to stand outside during the Full Moon and bask in the rays – it’s very healing and empowering. You were born with the Moon in Capricorn, not far from mystical Neptune, so moon-gazing is second nature to you. But you also need to learn to appreciate the dark of the Moon, when Luna is not visible – it’s the time of greatest magic and mystery. People have been worshipping the Moon for millennia – and it’s high time we brought back those ancient practices. Read Moon Magic and the Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune – they will teach you many mystical secrets. All blessings and love to you! Luna (Simone Butler)

Ask Luna-September 27, 2015

My life seems meaningless. I am thinking of relocating for stimulation and to get on my path. I wish to pursue the healing arts, either massage or esthetician or other modalities. I want to be sure what I am feeling is what I need to do and is now is the time? Or is this just escapism? I feel I am meant for much more and to help people in a big way! I too need healing energy around me! I need to feel nurtured for a change….

Dear Trina, It’s no wonder you’re questioning your career path, since you just had a solar eclipse in Virgo (work) in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. This signifies that it is indeed time to get serious about finding a path by which you can share your gifts. The healing and intuitive arts are definitely indicated with Neptune in your first house and Moon in Pisces. No doubt you’ve been criticized by family members for being an “escapist” or a dreamer – don’t let those old voices in your head control you any longer. Your dreams are valid, when backed with determination and grounded decision-making.

Transiting Uranus is activating Jupiter in Aries in your sixth house of work and service through early next year. This is a very strong indicator of pursuing an educational path that leads to a new career. If that means you need to move, then by all means do so – but nowadays there are many excellent online schools.

You have natal Sun (life purpose) conjunct Venus (the arts, beauty) on your Midheaven (career), which suggests that combining beauty or design with healing would be ideal. Thus, becoming an esthetician, feng shui practitioner or stylist/coach could be fulfilling. Brainstorm the possibilities. Watch for clues at the lunar eclipse on Sept. 27, which activates your sectors of work and intuition (6th – 12th houses). Pay particular attention to any dreams or sudden insights around then.

Mid-October is the best time to move forward with any decision you make; but not before due to Mercury in retrograde. Think it through carefully and ask Spirit and your ancestors for guidance.

Good luck to you! Luna’s emissary, Simone Butler

Ask Luna-August 14, 2015

Dearest Luna, I have felt for many years that I needed to use my creative talents & embark on a career that could possibly involve communication with a very wide audience. Unfortunately – as a teenager & young adult – I allowed those I trusted around me to convince me that I was not pretty enough – talented enough – skinny enough etc. to become a part of the Arts. I know now that they had their own issues & were projecting unhealthy& caustic thoughts towards me. I believed them & now feel that I may have missed the boat. Is it too late for me to become the person I have always dreamed of being? How can I rid myself of all the negative thoughts I still have about myself? How do I love myself? How do I become my authentic self? Thanking you in advance for your time & kind consideration, Paris

Dear Paris, You do indeed have an enormously creative chart, just bursting with talent! And no, it is absolutely not too late to harness these talents and bring them to the world. You were born with Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini, sextile to Mars in Leo. This is a dynamite combo for writing, theatrical work, or just about anything artistic.

Luckily, the Aug. 14 Leo New Moon triggers this creative combination – offering you a new beginning. Make an altar in the Creativity and Children sector of your home (as you walk in the front door, it’s the middle of the south wall). Place original artwork done by yourself or others, and other playful, colorful items on it. Light a candle at the New Moon and commit to honoring your creativity. Then see what inner promptings and fateful events may occur over the following two weeks.

Pick up a copy of Julia Cameron’s book The Vein of Gold, and do the exercises she suggests. You might also want to try EFT (google Emotional Freedom Technique to find many helpful videos) which will help you release old fears and blocks. And, get a doll that resembles you at an early age. Talk to her, cry with her, ask her what she needs. Do this every day and you will truly begin to heal the past. Best of luck to you! Luna’s agent, Simone Butler

Ask Luna-July 1, 2015

Dear Luna, I struggle to feel connected to the everyday mechanics of life and want to return to a time when my spiritual insights helped me provide focus and structure to my life, which I now lack. How can I reconnect and move forward more consistently with My Life Purpose with focus, sustained commitment and self-efficacy? As I’m looking at this website I’m remembering how important my connection is to the moon, beauty and the universe. I want to live my life fully and with appreciation. Thank you for your response and comments, Sandy

Dear Sandy, I can see where being connected the to the ‘everyday mechanics of life’ might be a struggle for you, since your chart is made up almost entirely of air signs – five planets in Aquarius, two in Libra and your Ascendant in Gemini. The life of the mind and spirit is comfortable for you; you are a true visionary. But you lack earth, which means you must spend regular, daily time in nature – preferably with your bare feet on the earth. Also, having a regular exercise routine and otherwise paying lots of good, loving attention to your body is key to keeping you on the planet and feeling fulfilled. Two years ago your Sun progressed into Taurus, the earth sign which rules nature, so you’re now in a good position to get  more into your body. Working in the garden is especially healing for you.

With Saturn activating your sixth house through the end of the year, it’s also important that you commit to a form of service, a way of giving back to your community. You are a born teacher and have lots of brilliant and progressive ideas to share; whether you start a blog, tutor kids or however you choose to share this wisdom, now is the time. You’re a Sacred Elder with much to give. Writing in a journal on a daily basis will help give form to your vision. Once you’re clear, make a weekly to-do list that takes you closer to your goal in small steps. Brainstorm with a friend who knows you well if you need inspiration. Many blessings to you, Luna’s emissary, Simone Butler


Ask Luna–May 18, 2015

Dear Luna, I have been single for the last five years. After my marriage broke I fully dedicated myself to my children and  my studies. Now I have more time to think about a new inspiration, a new love. Can you tell me where and when are the opportunities for me to find a new partner? Silvana

Dear Silvana,  There is a kind of awakening happening for you over the next few years, as Uranus crosses your Ascendant and Sun. It’s like you’re coming alive again, by focusing on you and what makes you happy. This is a very exciting but also impulsive time, so take care with jumping into a relationship too soon or otherwise taking huge risks that come from an ungrounded place.

That said, you can have a great deal of fun – especially once Jupiter enters your fifth house of playfulness and romance in July for a year. I would advise signing up for classes or doing activities that stimulate your inner fire – especially dancing, making art, doing athletics or playing games. You’re likely to find playmates in those arenas.

With Chiron triggering your Venus through the end of this year, though, I’m wondering if you have fully healed the wounds from your marriage falling apart. It sounds like you’ve been focusing on other things, so if you haven’t allowed yourself to grieve, forgive – or to explore your role in what happened – then it’s super-important that you do that now. Even though you do have a lucky Jupiter aspect for love in July, Venus will be retrograde all summer so be careful not to get drawn back into old patterns from the past (especially feeling sorry for someone and wanting to help him).

Saturn crossing your Moon– Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius this year  won’t let you get away with much. In other words, making a mad, impulsive leap into a sexual relationship will likely backfire. So I’d recommend having lots of fun and developing friendships with men this year rather than trying to nail anything down into a commitment. You may in fact need several years of exploring and developing the ‘new you’ before you’re ready to settle down with someone again. Let the process unfold naturally and you’ll be fine.

Many blessings to you, Luna’s emissary, Simone Butler