Chart Play

Chart Play

Chart play is coming in 2015!!

a note from Dana Gerhardt:

Early in my astrology studies, I found studying my chart so incredibly useful that I wished I’d learned about this in third grade instead of how to multiply fractions. I still dream of a day when astrology is taught in grammar schools, so that everyone has immediate and life-long access to this amazing celestial guidance. “Chart Play” is my step in that direction. I wanted to make astrology accessible to anyone who’d like to learn by creating this playground. It’s for you to discover more about yourself through your chart and to grow your astrology expertise in an easy, comfortable way.

To help your learning, we’ll be offering the following free reports—and much more. We hope to open the chart playground by Spring. If you’re eager to start learning, you can download my free “How to Speak Astrology” now.

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