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download here How to Speak Astrology by Dana Gerhardt

You want to start playing with astrology… but charts still make your head spin? Learn how to make sense of a horoscope with this brief informative guide.

Aspects are the drama of the chart. They indicate the play of forces inside you—and the gifts at your disposal. When planets are connected by aspect, their power and influence increase. They could be dysfunctional and brawling in the hallway, but they will get noticed.
download here Seven Secrets to a Successful Moon Practice
by Dana Gerhardt

It took me years to learn each of these simple principles, and with each one, my Moon practice deepened. May they do the same for you!

Flow naturally through your day and you’ll discover that your body remembers the alternation of the tides that were the ocean’s responses to the Moon. You still experience this rhythm daily, in your own high and low tides. Notice when you’re carried into action. When your energy is high, this is your personal high tide. Notice when you run dry and need to pause, absorbing what’s around you. This is your body at low tide.
download here Marriage by the Moon by April Elliott Kent

Learn what the Moon sign on your wedding date says about your marriage. And if you’re heading for a wedding, check to see what the Moon sign says about the newlyweds.

Moon in a Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): The Moon in any cardinal sign is action-oriented, and your daily lives will be busy and filled with energetic activities and people. Be sure to get enough rest and to occasionally look before you leap! What makes you feel grounded, nurtured, and comfortable: Setting goals, being in motion, and starting new projects.
download here The Five Secrets of Venus by Jessica Shepherd

Awaken your own Venus through these generous secrets.

Healthy Venus never forgets to make her own pleasures central. How easy it is to forget this! But always, Venus is denied at a cost. Maybe you’ve seen this at work in your life: you want a vacation, to take an art class, redecorate your house, but think, “I don’t have the money, my partner won’t approve, I’m too busy to really relax.”
download here Ten Tips for New Moon Rituals that Get Results
by Simone Butler

The name says it all: design New Moon rituals that get results!

Get real. There’s no point in performing an elaborate wealth ritual in which you invoke for a million dollars, if you don’t believe you can attract it—or that you deserve it. You might not even be able to manage it once you got it! True abundance is something to be, not to seek out. Yet in a wealth ritual, having a realistic monetary goal to focus on is very important.