Ask Luna

Ask Luna

Dear Luna, Please enlighten me on my life’s direction. I have taught in the past but now feel I am blocked by where I live. I have put out postings to teach in a group setting, but maybe I need a new avenue.

Dear Esther, It’s no wonder you’re longing for a new direction—restless Uranus is activating your Mars in Aries, your career point and your Moon through early next year. It’s time to take a risk, and that likely involves moving. With natal Uranus and Pluto conjunct in your second house of money, you came here to shake up the status quo and earn money doing it. You do have excellent communication and financial skills, with Mercury, Sun and Jupiter conjunct in your tenth house of career. You’d make a terrific spokesperson for a cause you believe in, likely involving the Earth. Perhaps it’s time to join up with a non-profit (you’d be great at fund-raising), and put your very public-oriented chart to good use broadcasting a message.

You’ll always be a teacher – just brainstorm ways you can expand that role to benefit more people. Uranus wants action, though the next three months (April thru June) is best spent figuring out options, preparing, researching and perhaps visiting places you might want to live (action planet Mars will be retrograde). You’ll know when you’ve hit on the right place or project – it’ll make your whole body sing! Best of luck to you, Luna (Simone Butler)

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