Tips for Working with Moon Signs: Elements and Stones

1) Use a daily Moon calendar.

Use a daily Moon calendar to determine the mood for the day. By using the element of the Moon’s sign, you will know the emotional shift for the day and the actions to take in order to work with the Moon’s agenda. If you don’t have a Moon calendar, I recommend a daily visit to Dana Gerhardt’s Today’s Moon page to determine the sign and element for the Moon.

2) Connect with the elements in the Moon signs.

Each of the zodiac signs is composed of one of the four elements.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs.

Expect to feel very expressive and motivated to take action on your emotions during Fire Moon Days. Fired up and animated are your key words for these days. However, be aware of temper tantrum propensities; if they strike, use a daily stone (see below) and give it a toss. Warning, you may not be able to tell time on these days and could possibly stay in a “flow” that may or may not work with your family members. Channel the extra emotional energy into physical expression. These are good days to exercise, make love, and burn off energy.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs.

Expect to feel supported and emotionally contained on Earth Moon days. Tangible and practical expressions of emotions are appropriate. Get a massage, give a massage, do lots of hugging today, or prepare a good meal with wonderful spices. You should be able to stay in the flow and meet your timed responsibilities. There are good days to choose your daily stones (see below) to ground you and connect you to Mother Earth, good days to talk a walk and feel the earth beneath your feet. Ground your emotions into physical reality. Release unneeded emotions to Mother Earth.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs.

Expect to feel closed down emotionally during Air Moon Days. This Moon requires using verbal skills to express your emotions. Do not expect to be in touch with your feelings on a gut level. You may want to let people around you know that you aren’t as “in tune” as normal. Air pulls you up into a more mental state of mind. These are good days to read, contemplate, or write about what you are feeling and the confusion these days can bring. You will be able to tell time on air days, but probably won’t want to because these days will seem to go on interminably as they move you further and further away from your flowing nature. To find a balance between mind and emotions during air Moons, you are advised to do a bath soak or seek water activities to restore your emotional connection. Also, it will be effective to meditate as you can balance the Moon’s mental activity by merging with spirit. Since you can tell time on these days, do put the timer on so that you don’t overcompensate with too much bathing and meditating. You only need to restore a connection to your feelings – not indulge in it.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water air signs.

Expect to feel highly emotional and possibly overwhelmed during Water Moon days. Sensitivities, empathy, compassion and intuitive gifts are working at high levels. Channel these extreme emotional days into emoting for others by tapping into their feelings, and sensing what their emotional needs are, rather than fixating on your own emotions. You can be a healer for others on these days because the space between you and others has dissolved – you are they, and they are you. These are good days to use the daily stones you gathered during your Earth Moon days and to activate your power sacred stones. Create boundaries for yourself that are supportive by using discernment and discrimination as to whom you merge with and why. Honor others when you do set up your boundaries, and beware of creating isolation. Apply earth activities to create the boundaries you need. You may want to eat more solid food on these days to balance out the watery, boundary-less feeling you are experiencing. Resist the temptation to enlarge your emotions by forgetting to eat, drinking alcohol, indulging in deep meditation, soaking in a bath, or doing water activities. Throwing emotion-filled stones in the water is the only recommended water activity on these days.

3) Work with Stones

Buy or make two Medicine Bags – one to store your sacred stones and one to keep your daily Stones. On Water and Earth Moon days, take a walk outdoors and select stones along the way. Store them in one of your Medicine Bags. These will become your daily stones.

Daily Stones:

At the end of each day or in the moment of emotional trauma or overload, get clear about what specifically you want to send away from you, then with intention assign the daily stone to that negative thought, feeling, event, person, etc. If possible, immediately cast it into a body of water. Allow the flowing waters to take the stones down into Mother Earth or the tidal cycle to restore you back into a positive flow. If you can’t cast it into water right away, place the daily stone in your outdoor Zen sand garden or onto your tabletop Zen sand garden. Later, arrange for a time to drive or walk to a body of water to release your daily stones.

Sacred Stone:

Store your sacred stones in one of your Medicine Bags and/or keep them near you in a bowl or wooden box, or wear them as bracelets, rings, pendants or earrings when needed.

Sacred Stone use:

Hematite: This is a good protector stone as it reflects negativity and returns it to the sender.

Obsidian: This is a great stone for actually absorbing the overload of emotions you are receiving from others as well as grounding out the negative energy coming your way. Because this stone receives energy, you will need to clear or clean it on a regular basis. Soak obsidian in salt water (add sea salt to cold water if you aren’t close to the ocean).

Black Onyx: This solid stone helps you to ground negative emotions and send away stress and sadness.

Black Tourmaline: This stone, like Hematite, is a deflector of negative energy, and it can also transform and remove negativity from an individual or your environment.

Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline are good stones to wear in a bracelet.

Moonstone: This is good to carry around with you on Air Moon days as it can help you get back in touch with your inner center. If, and only if, you are staying in balance on a Water Moon day and are not feeling overwhelmed, use Moonstone to increase your intuition and to stimulate your healing abilities for those around you.

Clear Quartz: This one is great for amplifying whatever you are experiencing, so you may want to use this stone on happy Earth Moon Days. Use on Fire Moon days only if you aren’t moving into the anger fire zone. If you are experiencing the Fire Moon day as energizing, then go for it.

Amethyst: This one is great to use with your reading and meditation days when the Moon is in Air Signs, as it can move you into the Third Eye Spiritual Center. Let it store up spiritual energy for you. When you feel depleted in spiritual insight, select your amethyst from your Sacred Stone Medicine bag to replenish you.

Periodically cleanse your protection stones in salt water and periodically recharge your power and healing stones with a bath in the sun’s rays.

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