Moon in Aquarius Today

Encompass by Valerie Bunnell

“Encompass” by

From the “Moon Lovers” series by Dana Gerhardt

“I never water my indoor plants when the moon is in Aquarius. It can’t do them much good.” You find moon lovers in the strangest places. This one is in a high rise thirty stories up. Hair-spiked, polished geometric jewelry. She flings the windows open wide, fresh air rushes through her apartment. “It’s a good day for airing mattresses. And when I want the molding or wood floors washed, I always schedule for an Aquarius moon. On such a dry and airy day, the wood won’t mold or warp.” It’s no wonder the gods put a water-bearer in the Aquarius constellation—they got thirsty in Aquarius! But they liked how sharp the mind could be inside that atmosphere. They gathered to split hairs in each other’s ideas, or listen to the pattern of their own thoughts. Your hostess suddenly pulls you to the floor. “I’ve got the best way to start or end an Aquarius moon day. Lie down, draw your bottom close to the wall and then swing your feet up against the wall, like this. Really improves the circulation in your legs! And if you’ve been feeling a little stuck on something, don’t be surprised if an unusual idea suddenly comes. At this moon you should do at least one thing differently.” She winks, “I always surprise my lover.”


Daily Planner for Today’s Aquarius Moon

by April Elliott Kent

Today’s Mood: Friendly. Extremely.

Today’s Question: “Where do I belong?”

Today’s Gods: Saturn, god of agriculture, civilization, and social order; Uranus, god of change.

Today’s Guides: Eccentrics, visionaries, entrepreneurs, politicians, motivational speakers, colleagues, members of organizations.

Today’s Wardrobe: Shiny fabric and jewelry, electric colors, a little weird.

Today’s assignments: Join a club. Gather with friends. Organize a protest. Get something pierced.

Lunar Reading for Today’s Aquarius Moon

“A great adventure in Aquarius is to come to understand your inner rhythms and the rhythm of life. With the moon in Aquarius, it is important not to be content with theoretical insights, but to experience the whole truth. Now you are able to handle great powers. Plan where you want to steer them.” ~ Sabine Heideweg heideweg