Moon in Sagittarius Today

Precarious by Valerie Bunnell

“Precarious” by

From the “Moon Lovers” series by Dana Gerhardt

“I love Sagittarius. It’s ruled by those crazy centaurs—part horse, part human, keen to nature’s secrets—they could party like nobody’s business!” As she speaks, this moon lover evokes their spirit with a wide-mouthed grin and toss of her hair. You sense a certain power, a certain wild intelligence; something in her eyes speaks of running free across the plains. “I love this moontime. I had a friend though, who had sciatica; it always acted up on Sagittarius. You know, Sag rules the thighs, and if you’ve got weakness there, well, this moon will draw your attention to it. The liver too, if that’s your problem. Still, you can let your spirit soar. I like to drive out to the country, hike a little ways, til I find a nice spot for cloud watching. My friend Janice goes to the museum and daydreams in front of her favorite painting. Cindy reads a good book. Whatever sends you on a journey! Just don’t let this day be about routine. This is the moon for lofty dreams. I mean, there’s gotta be some time every month when you can imagine reaching for the brass ring. And when the moon goes into Capricorn, you can start working on them!” She laughs her horsey laugh. Then you follow her eyes skyward, into the vast beyond. You’re struck by the great generosity of the universe. Your heart fills with bright possibilities.


Daily Planner for Today’s Sagittarius Moon

by April Elliott Kent

Today’s Mood:

Today’s Question: “Why not?”

Today’s Gods: Jupiter, the God of Thunder and pretty much the boss of all the other gods. Don’t let the “hail fellow well met” persona fool you; Leo may be the crown prince,but Sagittarius is the real king of the zodiac.

Today’s Guides: gamblers, pundits, judges, professors, jockeys, publishers, travel agents, clowns.

Today’s Wardrobe: Sporty. Something that won’t rip when you bend over and will breathe when you run to catch a bus.

Today’s assignments: Take a chance; try something new; plan a vacation.

Lunar Reading for Today’s Sagittarius Moon

“Because this Moon sign is the most inquisitive in nature, it can be a great help when it comes to magical efforts that require data retrieval or the attainment of long overdue answers. Its energies also pack a wallop when it comes to any work involving control issues, optimism, self-confidence, and friendship, and can be a real boost to those that relate to legal matters, good luck and prophetic dreaming.” ~ Dorothy Morrison moonmagic