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Moonprints Moonprints and Venus Unleashed
Buy two—one of each for yourself—or gift a friend with the same report—or gift two friends—and get $5 discount on each report.

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“because you’re in dana’s moon workshop” discount

Skylog Skylog and Moonprints
These are my two favorite resources for your workshop experience. The Moonprints report gives you a sturdy foundation in your own Moon factors. The Skylog balances the Moon information with the influence of your personal transits and progressions. Enjoy a $10 discount on each during your current enrollment.
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solar return bonus: guide to the archetypes

Mary Shea Cover
When I had the pleasure of talking with Mary Shea about her wonderful solar return report, she said, “I have a long version and a short version. Most people prefer the short version.” So that’s how I sell it—the short version is stripped to the most essential features of each year’s return.

But there are many gems in Mary Shea’s deleted text—the long version—which is why I’m offering it as an additional ebooklet—free with your solar return order. Just click “Yes” on the order form if you’d like it. Read the whole thing—especially if you want to learn more about astrology or solar return charts. Or you can just focus on the planet you’re most curious about this year. It’s a great resource.