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What Moon cycle are you in now? What makes your Venus happy? How is your celestial weather this year? Find the answers in our insightful astrology reports!

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This beautiful report takes an in-depth look at your emotional foundations – through your birth moon and current lunar cycles. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. Popular with readers of The Mountain Astrologer for over a decade, this report was designed to please astrology beginners and advanced students alike. I’ve received so many […]


Your Venus Unleashed


If you desire a joyful and successful life, Venus is the archetype you must summon. The ancients observed her more closely than any other planet; today, few astrologers give her the attention she deserves. Don’t make that mistake with your chart! In this unique report, you’ll see Venus as you’ve never seen her before. You’ll […]


Mary Shea’s Solar Return Report


The solar return is your annual “birthday chart,” offering a personal celestial snapshot of the year. What a wonderful birthday gift to give to yourself or a friend! For years I’ve celebrated my own birthday by consulting Mary Shea’s enlightening masterpiece, Planets in Solar Returns. I’ve studied many solar return techniques, but hers is my […]


John Townley’s Lunar Return Report


  I’ve never had much luck reading lunar returns, but John Townley has a fine understanding of their symbolism. His report can be a wonderful guide through those months when you’re navigating through confusing or emotionally choppy waters. Townley explains: How and why the Lunar Return works, charging your batteries for the month Complete planetary […]


Steven Forrest’s Transits and Progressions


Sky Log combines your transits and progressions in a deep and elegant narrative that’s so user-friendly, you don’t need to be an astrologer to understand it. Yet it’s sophisticated enough to please astrology experts too. Each report covers a full year (beginning with the first day of the month you order it). It’s between 50 and 100 pages long, depending on your planetary activity.