John Townley’s Lunar Return Report


I’ve never had much luck reading lunar returns, but John Townley has a fine understanding of their symbolism. His report can be a wonderful guide through those months when you’re navigating through confusing or emotionally choppy waters.

Townley explains:

  1. How and why the Lunar Return works, charging your batteries for the month
  2. Complete planetary overview of the month by sign, house, and aspect
  3. The Lunar Return’s interaction with your natal horoscope
  4. Daily descriptions of the Lunar transits that propel your month’s activities and events
  5. Sabian Symbols for every important aspect and house change the Moon makes throughout the month
  6. Critical keywords that clue you into the style of daily events
  7. The Void-of-Course Moon periods and how to use them – when to tune in, when to lay out
  8. The Personal Void-of-Course Moon, an astrological first that gives you the edge

There are lots of extra goodies in this report – well worth checking out!
Approximately 25 pages.

Email version of the report:

1 month: $9.95
3 months: $24.95

Bound hard copy, first-class mail:

1 month: $14.95
3 months: $29.95

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