Steven Forrest’s Transits and Progressions

When you discover transits and progressions, it’s like finding the keys to the kingdom. No longer is it such a mystery why some years are so different from the others. Transits identify your current conditions, how the planets are affecting you now. Progressions show how your inner growth is unfolding. Knowing this information is so valuable, I’ve always thought it should be taught in grammar school. You can find this information in many astrology reports, but Steven Forrest’s Sky Log isn’t just another report. Quite simply, it’s the best available.

Sky Log combines your transits and progressions in a deep and elegant narrative that’s so user-friendly, you don’t need to be an astrologer to understand it. Yet it’s sophisticated enough to please astrology experts too. Each report covers a full year (beginning with the first day of the month you order it). It’s between 50 and 100 pages long, depending on your planetary activity.

One year of transits/progressions is $24.95 (email delivery).
Add $9 if you’d like your report printed, bound,
and sent by first class mail.

If you’re currently enrolled in Dana’s Moon Workshop,
you get a discount. You pay $14.95 (email delivery).
Add $9 if you’d like the report sent by first class mail.

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