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Venus Revisited I: What the Research Revealed


Felicity sat on the fence of her family’s ranch in Wyoming, her eyes scanning across miles of wide open fields and flat land. “I am so f&king bored,” she complained, tossing her thick mane of blue-black hair across her shoulders. With a heavy sigh, she wondered if she would ever get out of this hellhole […]

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Venus Revisited II: The Darker Angel


Venus suggests flowing robes, laughter like music, and a sensuous ease with life. She’s feminine receptivity, beauty and grace, unless you’re talking to an astrologer, for whom Venus the planet is primarily a symbol of love and money. But are these associations accurate? What is our real experience of the Venus archetype? And how does […]

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Venus: Pennies from Heaven


Find a penny, pick it up. The rest of the day, you’ll have good luck! My mother taught me this rhyme. I say it every time I see (and pick up) a penny from the pavement. But I did not think about pennies as a symbol of Venus until I received the following from astrologer […]

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The Venus Mambo: Loving Our Bodies


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing—until a little too much wine at a trendy restaurant inspires you to say yes to the flourless mocha cake and one indescribably delicious bite later, you realize this is what you’ve been hungering for all your life. That’s how it was the first time I saw Laila Ali […]

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Divine Feminine Slow Dance


“Move slowly. When you think you can’t go any slower, slow down even more.” A few days before the Taurus New Moon, I went to my first Tantric dance class. If you had ever told me that one day I’d find myself doing a sensuous dance, all alone, in front of seven strangers, I would […]

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