Venus: Pennies from Heaven

Find a penny, pick it up.
The rest of the day, you’ll have good luck!

penniesMy mother taught me this rhyme. I say it every time I see (and pick up) a penny from the pavement. But I did not think about pennies as a symbol of Venus until I received the following from astrologer Tracy Korb (

I was Google-ing “Venus” and came across an article about elements associated with Venus. One of them was copper, which as you know is used to make coins, including pennies. I have always stopped to pick up pennies when I spot them on the ground. It’s like a little game. When I lived in NYC and my sister and I were roommates for a time, unbeknownst to me, she used to scatter pennies on the steps leading up to our apartment because she knew it made me happy to find a penny and pick it up. It was pretty funny when she finally told me what she was up to! Now I see that this has been one of the unconscious, symbolic ways that I “search for my Venus!”

Venus is known as the “lesser benefic” among astrologers. She brings good fortune, but not the huge sums of money astrologers might predict from the “greater benefic” Jupiter. And yet, as I discovered in my Venus research, the “lesser” benefits that Venus brings may be even more valuable than dollars. Venus brings the gift of sensation-our pleasuring in life itself. She is our capacity to smile at a woman wearing a red dress, to delight in the sound of wind through the trees, to thrill at the smell of cookies baking. Simple pleasures that cost us nothing-that’s what Venus brings. And yet, without her inexpensive gifts, our life would be such poverty.

The next time I pocket a penny, I’m going to honor my goddess.

If you find a penny, grab it.
Venus wants you to have it!

woman and rose

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