Venus in Capricorn

From Dana Gerhardt’s Your Venus Unleashed report:

This goddess never turns away a compliment. If you admire her purse, her car, her coat, she doesn’t say, “Oh this old thing?” That’s because whenever she buys something, she’s fully present. She lets it catch her eye, like an admirer from across the room. She senses its energy, runs her fingers down it, listens to the sounds it makes. She asks herself, ”Do I really love the way this feels?” And, “Does it love me as much as I love it?” She doesn’t understand why some people shop, eat, or go to meetings as if it were all a chore. Venus in Capricorn delights in the goodies of a cultured life. She’s an earth goddess; she loves trees and mountains too. But she’s also an urban connoisseur, studying the city like a botanist looking for orchids in the Amazon. For you to behave differently now would starve her. Don’t let the beauty of civilization escape you.

Venus in Capricorn invocation by Jessica Shepherd

A realist at heart, I approach love with eyes-wide open and feet on the ground. When I make a promise or take a vow, I am sincere and expect the same of you. Partners with unnecessary dependencies do not work for me: I need reliable, steady mates who will give me the independence and space I need for my career and art. I want to contribute something of value to the world. I want to be taken seriously. For others, love is a romantic ideal, an abstract, trippy adventure. For me, it’s the privilege of sharing morning coffee with the one I admire, love, honor and respect 365 days a year.


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