Venus in Pisces

From Dana Gerhardt’s Your Venus Unleashed report:

Aphrodite has a magic girdle that can make anyone & anything beautiful Venus in Pisces has a similar gift. It’s called imagination. And it works like fairy dust, invisibly transforming what she sees, so there’s nowhere she can go, no one she can meet that disappoints or displeases her. A gloomy day? She sees the strokes of a master artist in the clouds. The shop is closed? She imagines what fun the owner is having. This goddess knows just how to be with whatever is right now—which means she doesn’t live in the past, mourn loves lost, and never, ever pities her bad fortune.


Venus in Aquarius invocation by Jessica Shepherd

I find it easy to love. My secret? I’m spiritually wired to see the beauty, purity and goodness in you, so love appears to have no obstacle, even if reality says otherwise. Yes, I’ve often lived the saying: “A fish can love a bird, but where would they live?” I can be the most empathic, generous, imaginative, dazzling partner. I can be a chameleon, too, changing colors to my environment and those around me. Life can be two-dimensional, and dull, which is why I want to restore Mystery and Enchantment to love, life. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can hear the trees speak and the flowers hum… 


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