Venus in Superior Underworld


From Dana Gerhard’s “Your Venus Unleashed” Report:

Venus has disappeared from the morning sky. Ancient myths suggest that when Venus disappears, she enters the Underworld. During her 18-month cycle, Venus “disappears” twice—like now, when she’s out of view for about six weeks, transitioning from morning to evening star, and again, when she’s invisible for about a week, as she transitions from evening to morning star. Modern astrologers are unsure of what these underworld visits mean—or even if the current morning-to-evening transition was actually considered an underworld visit by ancient priests. We do know that it is a turning point in her cycle. May it bring a turning point in your own experience of Venus themes—love, creativity or abundance. Even though Venus is missing from the sky, it’s easy enough to tune in. Just consider the experience of pleasure and abundance in your own life. You’re one of the many jewels in her crown.


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